She Doesn’t Like These Words – A Political Powder Keg!

“I Like Words” Didn’t Like These Words Either:

A Political Powder-Keg?

A Political Powder-Keg?

Posted on May 30, 2018

More Words She Didn’t Like:

No doubt this isn’t applicable to this blog either:

Postponement of fair and accurate reports

• Under s.4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 the court *may* postpone publication of a fair, accurate and contemporaneous report of its proceedings where that is *necessary* to avoid a *substantial* risk of prejudice to the administration of justice in those or other proceedings
• The power is strictly limited to fair, accurate reports and contemporaneous reports of the proceedings
• The court must be satisfied that a *substantial* risk of prejudice would arise from such reports
• If the concern is potential prejudice to a future trial, in making that judgment, the court *will* bear in mind the tendency for news reports to fade from public consciousness *and* the conscientiousness with which it can normally be expected that the jury in the subsequent case will follow the trial judge’s directions to reach their decision exclusively on the basis of evidence given in that case
• Before making a s.4(2) order, the court *must* be satisfied that the order would eliminate the risk of prejudice and that there is *no* less restrictive measure that could be employed
• If satisfied of these matters, the court *must* exercise its discretion balancing the risk of prejudice to the administration of justice against the strong public interest in the full reporting of criminal trials
*abc* = My emphasis

Also deleted by “I [Dis]Like [Too Many] Words”


UPDATE 13.06.2018



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